Sunday, August 16, 2009

Good Morning World!

it's Sunday mornin and i'm wide wide awake at 5 in the mornin!!


Hong Kong turnaround in 2 hours time!!!

*WhEeeEe WhEeEee~!*

the legendary A380 Hong Kong turnaround that i've manage to change away before...but got call up again this month...

talking about you can run....but you can't hide...


the legendary A380 Hong Kong flight that i always hated and always tell my colleagues that if i ever do that flight...i'll roll down the staircase during the flight...just to show company that it's a freaking crazy idea to put us on a Hong Kong turnaround with a total working time of 12 hours and 25 minutes...excluding time to wake up and preparations...AND without any rest period!

AND with the most annoying and demanding passenger profile onboard!!


let's see if i can survive the flight later...


ps: dun worry...i dun think i'll roll down the staircase later....parents still around...still need to bring them out to the Night Safari tomorrow night....


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  1. Please dun do anything foolish... haha and DATE ME AGAIN SOON K!~!~ haha