Wednesday, April 21, 2010

:: I'm Slave For You~ ::

for my NAILS i mean!!


all my friends know how much i LOVE long pretty much so im OBSESSED with them!!

i cannot take it if its chipped or broken...i'll feel er...incomplete...


stupid but its true... and i used to hunt for a good manicurist for YEARS in Singapore...coz its not easy to find one that's good...most of the time they charge crazily high...and yet their workmanship is shit!

once i did my nails at NailPalace (which by the way is the WORST place to do artificial nails) in Orchard...i paid SGD180 for a set of gel nails with pink french manicure and matching pedicure...and my one of my nails broke half an hour later!!!! WTF!! just fyi, a set of gel nails normally cost max SGD110 and pedicure probably cost max this place is cheating ppl's money!!

i used to go back KL to do my nails and i LOVE my manicurist there...Carmen is the BEST...she is marvelous with 3D nails and her nails can last me at least one month without chipping or breakage! but too bad i don't go back KL as often anymore so i'll have to find one in Singapore...

and thank god i found mine!

*angels singing in the background*

i found Sam...and he's GREAT!! and manicurist is a HE! and HE is from China!

surprise surprise huh..but before u raise ur eyebrows to me...let me show u his marvelous work!!

not only its pretty...his workmanship is GREAT!!

my nails are not the thick thick type...and it still look very natural...and it last me more than a month without any infills!! and the BEST part is....for so many months...i have NEVER broke or chipped any of my nails...that shows how long lasting his nails are!!


oh...i missed a few months coz i lost my memory card earlier...but will definitely post it up once i got it...including my FAVE nails of all time...the white leopard prints nails...its major <3!!

so which is your fave nails so far???

Monday, April 19, 2010

:: Hello Love! ::

notice my lust list had changed once again...*points to the left sidebar*


got it before Chinese New Year....mad <3!


on a not so happy note, im freaking broke now coz my 7 days flight to Munich was canceled due to the Volcanic Ash thingy in Iceland which caused a BIG chaos in the European airspace....bad news not only to all travellers...but of course to ME!! that means no European flights for the moment and European flights means $$$$$$!!


will be on standby for the rest of the week...hopefully i'll get call up for some bloody good flight...or else i'll be eating grass for the rest of the month...