Monday, April 19, 2010

:: Hello Love! ::

notice my lust list had changed once again...*points to the left sidebar*


got it before Chinese New Year....mad <3!


on a not so happy note, im freaking broke now coz my 7 days flight to Munich was canceled due to the Volcanic Ash thingy in Iceland which caused a BIG chaos in the European airspace....bad news not only to all travellers...but of course to ME!! that means no European flights for the moment and European flights means $$$$$$!!


will be on standby for the rest of the week...hopefully i'll get call up for some bloody good flight...or else i'll be eating grass for the rest of the month...




  1. I share your pain gurl....I'm due to leave for London in early May & I've been worried sick as well. *boohoohoohoo~ T___T Pray hard babe!

  2. Felice: poor girl! but dun worry so much ba...i heard from my friend Frankfurt flights are resuming hopefully London airport will open soon too...keep our fingers crossed!