Wednesday, April 21, 2010

:: I'm Slave For You~ ::

for my NAILS i mean!!


all my friends know how much i LOVE long pretty much so im OBSESSED with them!!

i cannot take it if its chipped or broken...i'll feel er...incomplete...


stupid but its true... and i used to hunt for a good manicurist for YEARS in Singapore...coz its not easy to find one that's good...most of the time they charge crazily high...and yet their workmanship is shit!

once i did my nails at NailPalace (which by the way is the WORST place to do artificial nails) in Orchard...i paid SGD180 for a set of gel nails with pink french manicure and matching pedicure...and my one of my nails broke half an hour later!!!! WTF!! just fyi, a set of gel nails normally cost max SGD110 and pedicure probably cost max this place is cheating ppl's money!!

i used to go back KL to do my nails and i LOVE my manicurist there...Carmen is the BEST...she is marvelous with 3D nails and her nails can last me at least one month without chipping or breakage! but too bad i don't go back KL as often anymore so i'll have to find one in Singapore...

and thank god i found mine!

*angels singing in the background*

i found Sam...and he's GREAT!! and manicurist is a HE! and HE is from China!

surprise surprise huh..but before u raise ur eyebrows to me...let me show u his marvelous work!!

not only its pretty...his workmanship is GREAT!!

my nails are not the thick thick type...and it still look very natural...and it last me more than a month without any infills!! and the BEST part is....for so many months...i have NEVER broke or chipped any of my nails...that shows how long lasting his nails are!!


oh...i missed a few months coz i lost my memory card earlier...but will definitely post it up once i got it...including my FAVE nails of all time...the white leopard prints nails...its major <3!!

so which is your fave nails so far???

Monday, April 19, 2010

:: Hello Love! ::

notice my lust list had changed once again...*points to the left sidebar*


got it before Chinese New Year....mad <3!


on a not so happy note, im freaking broke now coz my 7 days flight to Munich was canceled due to the Volcanic Ash thingy in Iceland which caused a BIG chaos in the European airspace....bad news not only to all travellers...but of course to ME!! that means no European flights for the moment and European flights means $$$$$$!!


will be on standby for the rest of the week...hopefully i'll get call up for some bloody good flight...or else i'll be eating grass for the rest of the month...



Wednesday, March 10, 2010

:: Hypnotized...::

...not in a good way tho...>.<

went into StarHub shop wanting to get my BlackBerryBold 2...*points to the sidebar*..evidence...i've always wanted the Bold!

but for dunno what reason...i end up walking out with the BlackBerrySTORM 2 instead!!


how can i've been lusting for one item..and when i finally go get it...i got the wrong one!!!


okie...the thing is i saw the Storm and i was like...'ooo..that's pretty!'

and the guy who is helping me told me if i surf the net a lot with my BB i should take the Storm because the screen is bigger...

so sold!


i knew it is a touch screen phone but i thought it will be the same like my i took it...

within 5 min after i walked out with my BB all i was thinking was 'FMLFMLFML!!! why is it so hard to type!!! FMLFMLFML!!'


went to my hairstylist to trim my bangs and my sweetie hairstylist insisted that i go back to Starhub and asked for a change since i got it for like wat...5 mins??

i did that but was turned away coz i was suppose to try the phone before i pay for it...but i only had like 5 mins to play with it and i was to kan cheong to realize it!!

then my sweetie hairstylist called the StarHub call centre and demanded for a change!

she must be really good because in the end they agreed to change for me...BUT (there's always a BUT..-_-''')then they told me it out of stock in the whole Singapore!!

okie...this is a super FML moment...because when i went into StarHub they did told me that's the last piece they have...but for god knows what reason i ended up with the Storm instead!


that very last gem could be mine...MINE!! but i decided to go for the Storm instead...


oh well...been with my BB for bout 20 hours now...din exactly love it..but not hating it either...*learning* to love...typing is much easier if i turn it it should be okie...


well...if i can have what i love...i gotta love what i have...

=/ doesnt work out...i can always sell it away and get my Bold!


Sunday, January 31, 2010


and talking bout ME!


got so much to blog and so many pictures to upload...but way too lazy to edit and organize my pictures...
im trying to upload my pictures in FB now...but i just realized that i've got so many SD cards...i kinda erm...misplace it somewhere and i couldnt find them!!
so many ppl is going to kill me coz my convo/grad pictures, HKG-SFO trip pictures, NewYear'sEveCountdown pictures n the rest of the misc pictures are all in them!!


gonna turn my room upside down now and search for them...will blog more later...if the lazy bug havent catch me by then.... 0:P

a bigass picture of me....just in case u forgot how i look like!


and oh....HAPPIE 2010!!

better late than never...


Monday, December 21, 2009

Pretty Eyes...

don't understand why some girls can look so natural and pretty with coloured/iris enlarging contact lenses...

look at pretty bloggers like Cheesie...

and AudreyFourFeetNine...

and many many other girls out there who are swear by coloured/iris enlarging contact lenses.....

being the vain me...i recently bought a pair from HongKong just for fun...

but i end up looking like....

a bloody JuOn lo!



Ling saw me and got shocked...she dun even dare to look into my eyes coz she said it scares her....