Wednesday, March 10, 2010

:: Hypnotized...::

...not in a good way tho...>.<

went into StarHub shop wanting to get my BlackBerryBold 2...*points to the sidebar*..evidence...i've always wanted the Bold!

but for dunno what reason...i end up walking out with the BlackBerrySTORM 2 instead!!


how can i've been lusting for one item..and when i finally go get it...i got the wrong one!!!


okie...the thing is i saw the Storm and i was like...'ooo..that's pretty!'

and the guy who is helping me told me if i surf the net a lot with my BB i should take the Storm because the screen is bigger...

so sold!


i knew it is a touch screen phone but i thought it will be the same like my i took it...

within 5 min after i walked out with my BB all i was thinking was 'FMLFMLFML!!! why is it so hard to type!!! FMLFMLFML!!'


went to my hairstylist to trim my bangs and my sweetie hairstylist insisted that i go back to Starhub and asked for a change since i got it for like wat...5 mins??

i did that but was turned away coz i was suppose to try the phone before i pay for it...but i only had like 5 mins to play with it and i was to kan cheong to realize it!!

then my sweetie hairstylist called the StarHub call centre and demanded for a change!

she must be really good because in the end they agreed to change for me...BUT (there's always a BUT..-_-''')then they told me it out of stock in the whole Singapore!!

okie...this is a super FML moment...because when i went into StarHub they did told me that's the last piece they have...but for god knows what reason i ended up with the Storm instead!


that very last gem could be mine...MINE!! but i decided to go for the Storm instead...


oh well...been with my BB for bout 20 hours now...din exactly love it..but not hating it either...*learning* to love...typing is much easier if i turn it it should be okie...


well...if i can have what i love...i gotta love what i have...

=/ doesnt work out...i can always sell it away and get my Bold!