Friday, July 10, 2009

New Home...New Blog...New Beginning!!

*waves frantically*


miss me anyone??

*big smile*

i finally back to the blogging world....i miss blogging so much!!

its been a few months since i left...and loads had happened....just a little summary what i've been doing for the past few months....

1. did a Frankfurt and New York with homie, Pui...8 days full of shopping, gossip and girly time...

and yes....u saw the paper bag...i bought my DREAM BAG!! more on that next time!


2. i'm finally free from exams and assignments and classes!! so after exams my classmates and i went to Lunar to celebrate!!!

with all my fave classmates!!

i'm so blessed to have all of them with me throughout these two terrible years...without them i don't think i can make it this far....and now i cant wait for convocation with them!!

*happie happie*

3. a few days after my exams was my contract renewal day with my company...
*claps claps*
so i organized a nice gathering cum dinner with all my batchgirls to celebrate our 5th year anniversary of coming to Singapore and working together...

the dinner was at White Rabbit at Dempsey the was was wonderful...we had a blast that night...

love all my girls!!

we came 5 years ago together...young, fresh and naive...not knowing what's in the future...together we went through 4 months of training...the gruesome years as junior....and with a blink of eyes....its been 5 years!!

love u girls!!!

*muax muax*

so yea...basically that's a very brief summary of the major events that had happened in the last few months while i'm away from the blogging world...

so now...i've finally graduated...i've just renewed my 5 years contract with my company...i've just moved into a new place, new area...and now i'm starting a new bloggie....i'm hoping for a brand start....brand new beginning...



  1. I see I see you have a new blog!!! YAY! Finally!!!!! =) Welcome back!

  2. welcome bck joyce!! i missed reading your postsss.. :) u finally got yourself the 2.5!!?! so niiiiice!! i wishhhh! :) :) :)

  3. blubbiems: 0:D thank u!! hope u dun mind i link u here ya!

    deb: that 2.55 is my little reward for myself ma...will post up more picture soon...0:P