Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm Back....

with a new blogskin!!!


was in Nanjing for 6 days before this and it was wonderful...

China is <3...

except for the fact that they banned facebook and bloggies...


damn torturing to be away from Facebook and bloggies for so long...

luckily i didnt have much time to online anyway....was so busy sightseeing and makaning and shopping!!

everything is dirt cheap here!!

imagine i bought 3 pairs of boots for only RMB300 (approx. SGD60)!!!!

dirt dirt cheap!

i can't even get a pair of heel in Charles & Keith for that price!!

and imagine....whole set of gel nails with glitters for only RMB100 (approx. SGD20)!!!

and that's including removing my previous gel nails okie!!

super dirt cheap i love!!


and on top of that....i went for studio makeover again...the last time i did it in Taipei it costs me more than TWD10,000 (approx. SGD500)...but this time in Nanjing i only did it for RMB498 (approx. SGD100)!!! major love yo!! though the makeup, clothing and the studio not as good and professional as the one in Taipei...but hey....its bloody cheap so can't complain much le...

the reason why i wanted to do the studio makeover again was because it was snowing that day!! and they provide outdoor shoots with that price!!


so i thought might as well take it with snow for remembrance...not everyday it will snow u know...



unfortunately when it's my turn to take the pictures...the snow were too heavy outside and it became more like rain rather than my photographer refused to take the outdoor shoots for me...FML


damn jealous coz my colleague who went with me manage to take some shots outside with her photographer...and though it was freezing cold out there and the snow looked more like rain in the photos...the photos turned out pretty amazing...


bitter la wtf!


but are some of my fave shots...these pictures are not touched up yet...probably they just did the lightings and stuff its still a bit er 'raw' looking...

can see the fine lines under my eyes...the super thick makeup that make my face look 10x fairer than the rest of my body...and some flaws here and there...

oh well...i'm no model and i'm just having fun being the narcisistic me!

pls pardon my fake smile....its was so bloody cold i couldn't even smile...i was shiverring inside out!

it's REALLY cold in the probably only 1 degree or so because they do not have a heater in the studio!!


a note to myself...never ever pay to suffer again!!

the easiest 'look' to shot overall because i don't have to smile!!

its damn hard to act happy when u are shivering your ass off!

kudos to the models!

and lastly the last 'look' looks like im damn happy and serene in the photos...but in actual fact i was trembling and even the photographer noticed and he kept saying..."okie okie...just a few more shots okie...jiayou!"


i kinda like the short hair that the stylist gave me...she backcombed my hair (*OucH*) and pinned them underneath...make it look like i have volumized short bob hair...i likey...tho i do think its does make my face chubbier...

my colleague thinks that i looked like Fish Leong in this photo...what do you think?


  1. Darling, cantiknya you!! I've stumbled by this blog accidentally, wah, I LOVE this photoshoot! Anyway, just dropping by saying hi dear! Guess who? ;)

  2. btw, my link is

  3. Shai sayang!! din know u blog too..i link u ok!! <3<3

  4. NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I is like.... I took in Jinan before and its dirt cheap too... =)

  5. blubbieMs: China is <3 ho!! everything is so dirt cheap!! <3<3<3

  6. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 forever and ever for its dirt cheap prices! =)

  7. NICE PICTURES!~!~! the one in the bling bling red de look so wonder girls the pose!!!

  8. nampak macam a lot of photoshop worrr :p

  9. Hi Joyce...I like ur studio photos...its remind me its Joyce leong...hahahah...Pretty!