Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm Back!!

i'm sorry for my absence in my bloggie and my recent emo nemo entry...was feeling a little down earlier...but oh well...guess its just pms...and im sorry i made my friends worried bout me...

no worries...coz JoyJoyce is BACK!!

no more emo nemo entries...its all bout happy things now...

OCTOBER is here and my friends will know why this is my FAVE month of the whole year....yes...its my birthday!!


not only its my birthday...end of this month it is also my graduation convo!!

imagine my excitement!!

*jumped around the room*

*point to the left sidebar of the bloggie*

noticed that i've updated my sidebar of my bloggie??

besides updating my roster...i've also updated my lust list....

YES....i finally got myself my mini lappie for travelling...AND a spanking new camera!!!


and its all presents from my parents and KorKorDear as my birthday cum my graduation present...


say "HELLO" to my new boyfriend, sexy!!

ya...i din get the Lumix LX3 that i initially wanted...coz it was out of stock...but so far i'm loving my new boyfriend here...still happily playing and exploring sound very right ho...


and THIS is my pretty mini lappie!!

ain't it the prettiest thing EVER!!!

damn girly can die wei...such contrast with my new boyfriend huh...

my pinky winky...

playing with all the artsy fartsy mode in my boyfriend....
cool huh....

some random sunset pictures i took recently from the window of my Frankfurt it!!
shall practise more with my boyfriend and come out with more pretty pictures!!


  1. practice with ur bf just sounds wrong lah... try different position and all RIGHT =P hahaha anyway I WAN PICTURES!~!~!~ hee

  2. joyce joyce! so nice your roster! :) somemore published so fast! mine hv to wait til after the 25th oni will be out. fml. hope got JFK same time as u la.. can go jalan jalan.. teehee!